Alfa Romeo offers glimpse into Giulia and Stelvio

The newest additions to the Alfa Romeo lineup are not just any vehicles, and they are not built in just any plant.

The powerful Giulia Saloon and the high-performance Stelvio SUV are currently being built in Alfa Romeo’s state-of-the-art Cassino Assembly Plant, located in central Italy.

As dealerships across the country continue to welcome the Giulia and Stelvio SUV, Alfa Romeo has released a series of videos on the FCA YouTube channel that gives viewers a look inside the technologically advanced plant.

The videos showcase employees clad in red and khaki jumpsuits working throughout the facility assembling cars, attending training classes and interacting with colleagues.

Here, we are passionate about our work,” said Rita, who works in the Cassino paint shop, “We like the idea that every Alfa Romeo we make transmits that passion to the final customer.”

In the video “Premium Culture, Premium Cars,” viewers are treated to idyllic views of the Italian countryside – where the Cassino plant is located – before taking a tour of the high-tech plant and seeing the environmentally friendly assembly process.


*courtesy fca

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