Alfa Romeo going down electric avenue

No it’s not a homage to the 80’s song Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant – showing my age! – but it seem’s Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo is well and truly travelling down the road to electric.

While rumours out of Italy seem to confirm that sister company Maserati will be all electric by 2020, now it seems Alfa Romeo will also will be travelling the same eco way.

Speaking at the UK launch of the new Stelvio SUV, Alfa Romeo country manager Andrew Tracey said: “I think you can expect an electrified version of everything.

“By 2020, no one will meet the regulations unless they have some sort of alternative powertrain technology. We have tests and pilots going on in the US across FCA.

“That will inevitably come to Europe and the UK within that sort of timescale.”

As pressure mounts on car companies in relation to diesel and petrol emissions,  as well as the car buying public wanting a greener way to go it is inevitable that electric is the way to go.

Of it’s current lineup, the Giulia and recently launched Stelvio could both be the first models to travel the electric way, with rumours that a smaller SUV as well as a 5 series size saloon are also to follow by 2020, these models could be electric from the start…


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