911 inspired Fiat 500 is ugly duckling

If ever you wanted proof the worlds gone mad, in car terms this could be it. This Porsche 911-inspired Fiat 500 really is a case of ‘I don’t believe it!’ or rather ‘what were they thinking?!’ and that’s not a compliment.  How is it possible to turn a chic looking car like the Fiat 500, this year celebrating its 60th Anniversary, into something, well ugly. We can at least recognize the originality but that doesn’t make it right and unlike the story, this is one ugly duckling that won’t be turning into a swan anytime soon.

Typically we follow the mantra of, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, pretend that you do,” and we’d have to say it was rather difficult to do so with this Fiat 500. Of course, we appreciate the efforts made to complete the project, no doubt bringing the owner hours of joy and happiness, but we also simply can’t bear to look at the car for too long.

It’s not that the design of Porsche is the problem, although they are a little bland in comparison to other Supercars, it’s just mixing the two, the little Italian Fiat 500 and a 911 is like putting mushy peas on your lasagne, it’s a daft idea that doesn’t work. At least from a design standpoint, that is. From a mechanical standpoint, we think a Fiat 500 with a mid-engine-flat-six swap would be as cool as this thing is ugly.

As they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” maybe we’re wrong, give us your thoughts on this Porsche 500…


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