Worlds fastest Maserati: Catch it if you can

Fancy catching yourself the worlds fastest Maserati? Of course you’ll have to have a hefty bank account but if that’s you then book yourself a flight because you meed to head off to sunny California.

Based on the awesome Ferrari Enzo, the Maserati MC12 was the Italian carmakers Supercar, becoming an instant classic. Borrowing some of the chassis and powertrain components from their cousins at Ferrari off the Enzo, they built the ultimate Maserati.

With 745bhp from its V12 engine, Maserati had one aim, to return to racing after a 37 year absence and win, which is just what they did, winning the 2005 FIA GT Manufacturer’s cup.

Following on from that success, Maserati built road legal versions of the MC12 but for some petrolheads who had the financial means this wasn’t enough, they wanted a racing version, so step forward the e MC12 Corse, or Corsa, a out and out race car. With it’s Sparco seats, Willans harness belts, sequential transmission not to mention monster cams this Maserati was ready to race including having the shortened nose which was mandated by the ALMS for the GT1 cars.

Only a 12 were built, and each one was stored and maintained for its owner by the factory. Each car arrived in Victory Blue with a price tag around £1M.

So very rare and very special but if you’ve got a bulging bank account then you can get your hands on one, as one of these Supercars is coming up for auction at Mecum Monterey auctions next week so you’ll have to be quick…



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