RM Sotheby’s have rare Blue Enzo Ferrari

It’s a busy year for top auction house RM Sotheby’s, with Ferrari celebrating their 70th anniversary the prestigious company is busy trying to bring the best available from Marenello for its prospective buyers. One such car is the legendary Enzo, named after the Italian carmakers famous founder, back In 2002, then Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo announced that it was time to honor the man who brought the famous prancing horse to life, thus the Enzo was born.

Its design was beautiful, the successor to the ‘like it or hate it’ F50 which had never captured the heart like the F40 before, the Enzo was drop dead gorgeous and striking at the same time. It used futuristic materials for maximum weight saving, with a carbon fibre and Nomex honeycomb chassis weighing in at just 200 pounds. Add aluminum sub-frames to the chassis tub, Pininfarina coachworkand a six-speed dual-clutch transaxle with column-mounted paddle-shifters, reaching 60 MPH from a standstill in just 3.3 seconds, and you get the stunning Supercar we see here.

This particular Enzo (one of just 400 units produced), has just 5,520 miles on the clock, not even run in yet. It’s also likely the only Enzo to be to be found in this beautiful Blu Tour de France colour.

Coming up for auction next month at RM Sotheby’s, who ever has the money – an estimated £1.5M will be a lucky owner as they drive off into the sunset – or more likely as it makes it way to join their car collection in the back of a trailer. Either way we hope it won’t be the last we see of this particular Enzo.

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