Ferrari undecided on Dino successor

Ferrari may have have rubber stamped it’s future SUV, much to the dismay of die hard Tifosi but the Italian carmaker still seems undecided on whether or not to push forward with its plan to introduce a less expensive model that would serve as a spiritual successor to the Dino.

Speaking to industry analysts during a conference call, Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne said the Dino idea is being “kicked around”. Some high-ups within the company support the idea of a less expensive, entry-level Ferrari, but Marchionne apparently isn’t one of them. Brands typically introduce less expensive models to attract younger customers, but seeing as Ferrari has plenty of young customers that can afford its more expensive cars, Marchionne doesn’t see much point in a Dino successor.

“We need to explore ways to attract customers to traditional values of the brand such as style, performance and engine sound before downgrading the entry level price for the brand,” Marchionne said.

Ferrari recently revealed it may introduce an SUV, with Marchionne saying such a product will “probably happen” at some point. The proposed utility vehicle could be good for up to 2,000 new sales a year and may prove to be particularly popular in Asian markets. Because the SUV would be a high-priced vehicle with a V8, Marchionne seems to think it would be less damaging to the brand’s image than a $175,000 V6 vehicle such as the Dino.

Marchionne said a final decision on the Dino will be made public when Ferrari announces its new five-year plan, which should happen sometime in the first quarter of 2018. The indecisiveness surrounding the proposed entry-level Ferrari is a surprise, with the Italian-Canadian executive having previously said its arrival would be a “matter of when, not if.”

*courtesy Autoguide

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