F1’s future as it should be

Antonio Paglia has seen the future how it could be, these awesome renderings show what we could or rather should be looking at in the world of Formula 1.

Drawing on inspiration from the past, Antonio has created a rather spectacular looking F1 car, creating a jet fighter styled cockpit which gets rid of the recently agreed Halo design, set to make it’s debut on future F1 cars, the Halo has met with mixed reviews, more negative than positive. The design by Antonio removes this ugly feature creating a smooth lined, aerodynamic cockpit that still enables the fans to see the driver as he races.

Quite whether we will see this dramatic a design in F1 over the next decade remains to be seen, certainly the FIA and teams should be looking at Antonio’s renderings in my view and drawing inspiration.

Possibly more pressing for the FIA is what power plants future F1 cars will be using, the current engines aren’t popular and despite die hard fans wanting a return to V12’s this is unlikely, however just how far engine power will lean towards hybrid or electric in the future, time will tell, with FormulaE gaining popularity, F1 can’t be seen to be racing down a similar road.

Formula One’s future is certainly going to be exciting and as always will be at the forefront of development, we only hope the cars look something like Antonio’s as well…

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