Behind the scenes with a Pagani Huayra BC

We all love looking at photos of Supercars, a chance to admire their artistic lines, revel over the designers work and of course an exclusive Supercar deserves the finest quality photo equipment. In this case, the Pagani Huayra BC was the subject and Phase One provided the state of the art equipment to capture the Huayra BC’s stunning looks, after all it is a Supercar that is also pure art.

Peta Pixel detailed the behind the scenes look at Richard Thompson’s exclusive photo shoot with the $2.5 million, 789 horsepower Huayra BC. Since only 100 will be made, utmost care was provided to the Huarya BC. Police protection was requested since the shoot took place in an area notorious for crime and the goal was to move the car only four times. This posed quite a challenge for Richardson since we needed to capture the car’s angles as best as he could without the subject moving much.

The photo equipment used is a little more professional than an average smartphone camera, and it’s light years ahead of Instagram photos. In fact, the entire setup cost $50,000—only the best for an extraordinary Italian supercar. A longer lens was used to make the car appear even longer than it measures and Richardson mostly used available light to give the photos a natural look, though a set of strobes did help amplify the effect.

The final product speaks for itself. The Pagani Huayra BC looks incredible, almost surreal in Richardson’s photos. This guy and the Phase One equipment puts our best iPhone photos to shame.

*courtesy motorauthority

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