Tom Hanks gets his dream Fiat

A 42-year old Polish fan named Monika Jaskolska found out about Hanks’ passion for the tiny, rear-engined Fiat by following the actor on Twitter, and she decided to make his dream come true. She scored a rough-but-running 1978 126 for free in a small town in Poland, and enlisted tuner Carlex Design to fix it up.

The 126 was given a white paint job, white 12-inch steel wheels wrapped by whitewall tires, and special emblems. In other words, it looks almost stock. The cabin, however, is extensively modified.

Hanks collects typewriters, so the stock buttons and switches were replaced by one-of-a-kind components that look like they come from a vintage typewriter. The dashboard is wrapped with light green leather, the instrument cluster is upholstered in black leather, and the seats boast both colors. The 126 was a Spartan, back-to-the-basics economy car, so Hanks’ likely has the most luxurious example in the world.

There’s no word on whether the modifications extend to the engine bay. In its regular form, the 126p uses an air-cooled two-cylinder engine with a displacement of just 652cc. It makes 24 horsepower at 4,000 rpm, and it’s bolted to a four-speed manual transmission. Don’t expect to hit 60 mph from a stop in less than 48 seconds.


*courtesy leftlanenews

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