Pagani unleash New Zonda Fantasma Evo

Pagani don’t do mass production, in fact Pagani don’t even do production on the scale of fellow Italian supercar makers Ferrari or Lamborghini. Does this help make them that extra bit special, maybe. Certainly there is no doubt a Pagani is a thing of beauty, the Da Vinci of the automotive world.

This latest masterpiece from the Supercar maker in San Cesario sul Panaro near Modena is breathtaking. Pagani released the tantalising details yesterday on their Facebook page. With less, weight, more power and in red carbon, this custom-made Zonda Fantasma Evo, is a complete one-off model.

Favouring a 6 speed manual over the 7-speed sequential gearbox the Fantasma Evo is essentially a Zonda Cinque mixed with a Zonda Revolucion. From the Cinque comes the headlights, front fascia and rear wing. Taking from the Revolucion comes the air ram above the cabin and the centrally-located fin place in front of the rear wing.new bonnet, there is also a new bonnet like the one introduced by the Zonda By Mileson in 2016 as well as red striping and red brake calipers.

Certainly if you have the means, as this customer does, you join an elite club, Fantastico!

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