Novitec Aventador is a wild bull

The Aventador SV Roadster is a pretty hardcore roofless Lambo but for some, 750 horsepower and a track-focused aero kit aren’t enough, so they ask Novitec Torado to perform their magic.

The Novitec Group is a German car performance and tuning part manufacturer that specializes in Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls-Royce and most recently, McLaren. Usually, the V12 are their coolest creations, and in the case of the 6.5-liter Aventador, this can be supercharged to 970 HP, not that its standard 750 HP isn’t enough.

“Wheels are the legs of the car,” says Novitec and it’s chosen to partner with Vossen on this project. The Miami firm custom-made some center-lock NV-1 alloys which closely mirror Lamborghini’s design and perfectly frames the red caliper+ceramic disc combo.

Sized 20-inch for the front and 21-inch for the back of the car, these new wheels sit closer to the fenders thanks to KW coilover suspension and are wrapped in Pirelli P-Zeros.

This SV Roadster doesn’t appear to have the supercharger, but it does come with Novitec’s F1-inspired Inconel exhaust system, which sheds 21 kilos and helps and reduces backpressure.

Accompanying them is a revised aero package that reduces the fear of deal… or maybe it increases it. We don’t quite know, but the carbon bits must be good for something. The stand-out feature is the side inserts, which have a retro look to them.

Typical German attention to detail can be seen in the various carbon bits scattered throughout – air vents, gas cap, door handles, and dash. They probably don’t make this as light as Lotus but there is no doubt with a little Novitec magic the SV is a wild bull!


*courtesy autoevolution

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