Maserati GranTurismo uses XPEL Ultimate

There are plenty of methods and products to use when you want to protect your ride’s finish, whether it be on or off the track. One that seems to be gaining traction is the XPEL Ultimate protective film, which is what you see being installed on a Maserati GranTurismo with the Blu Mediterraneo Pearlescent finish in the photo’s. But of course, the finish can be applied to pretty much anything beyond the Maserati.

The XPEL film is made up of advanced elastomeric polymers and a non-yellowing clear coat, so it’s highly durable and retains its high-gloss finish for years. It’s formulated to seamlessly blend with clear coats and has a “self-healing” feature that eliminates swirl marks and scratches over time.

The film is installed on the Maserati GranTurismo by first applying a solution, placing the film on the body panel, cutting the film to fit, and then applying heat while removing air bubbles. The process sounds very similar to the application of tint to auto glass, or vinyl wrap, which can also be used to protect paint.

XPEL is gaining popularity in the world of motorsports, too, where race teams are using it to prolong the life of vinyl graphics. Phillippe Gomez, shop manager and head installer at Sign Savers in Miami, is a big fan of the product for this very reason. “If you don’t paint protect the wrap, the wrap will only last for one race and one practice,” explains Gomez. So adding a protective layer of XPEL Ultimate film on top can actually benefit a team’s budget in the long run.”

*courtesy FCA Authority

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