Ferrari SUV will be an FUV

Last week we reported how rumours have been increasing in and around Marenell0 that Ferrari have back tracked on building their very first SUV.  It seem’s now that not only will the Italian supercar maker design one, it mat not be an SUV as we know them!  The Prancing horse stables will apparently produce an FUV (!) complete with hidden rear doors.

Ferrari executives, designers and engineers are doing their best to keep the forthcoming SUV as “Ferrari” as possible.

The latest leaked claim is the 2 rear doors of the Family Ferrari will not be “immediately” visible.


My source says that while Ferrari continues to tell investors there are no plans for a 4-door (hatchback) model, saloon or otherwise, a FUV (Ferrari Utility Vehicle) is on track for a year 2021 launch.

And instead of the conventional 4 doors, the Maranello Outfit plans on designing a setup with an engineered hidden configuration. Ferrari commercial boss Enrico Galliera explained the Italian carmaker has figured out “a clever hidden arrangement” for those doors. Quite what this means is unclear, initially an Alfa Romeo design like on the current Giulietta was suggested but something a bit more hi-tech could be on the way, certainly American car maker Tesla is pushing design forward with their semi gullwing design on recent models.

Whatever is on the way, Ferrari will need to be quick off the mark, Lamborghin’s Urus is not far away and Aston Martin also have their DBX only 2 years away from launch, competition will be stiff so we Ferrari will have to get it right straight away.

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