Ferrari set to launch SUV

If the idea of an SUV wearing the famous prancing horse on its bonnet sends shivers down your spine then look away now. Despite the Maranello-based car maker always vehemently denying it would build such a vehicle, it seems recent inside motor rumours of an SUV from Ferrari could be true.

Blame it on the growing interest for SUV and crossovers but Ferrari may finally bring out an SUV. It seems the rumours could be true, the Italian Supercar maker has, according to insiders, already decided on the crossover, what will almost definitely be a direct rival to the forthcoming Lamborghini Urus.

The model in question has been codenamed F16X and will be built alongside the next-gen GTC4 shooting brake range, carmagazine.co.uk reported. The F16X will squarely fall as replacement for GTC4 (successor of Ferrari FF) in 2020.

Being the successor to GTC4, the F16X will definitely stick with an aluminium architecture and all-wheel drive system developed for the FF. The model will be significantly taller than the GTC4 and will feature suicide back doors.

The F16X crossover is expected to replace the V12 in the GTC4 Lusso with V8 petrol or a hybrid powertrain. In that case, the Ferrari soft-roader will be the brand’s first petrol-electric car since the LaFerrari.

Ferrari have refused to comment on the project yet. A Ferrari SUV will be somewhat late to the party for premium SUVs. Maserati and Bentley have already launched Levante and Bentayga, Lamborghini’s much anticipated Urus is set to be launched later this year. Also on the way are the Rolls-Royce’s Project Cullinan and Aston Martin DBX also set to enter the market in 2019.

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