Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne admits Italian team to enter in Formula E

Rumours have been circulating for some time, almost every week another story appears linking Ferrari to Formula E. Now it appears Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has confirmed that Ferrari is looking at joining Porsche and Formula 1 rivals Mercedes in signing up to race in Formula E in the near future.

Speaking after watching the Formula 1 a team secure a 1-2 finish in the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix, Marchionne talked briefly of his interest in the championship saying, “In the wider sense of what we do with cars between Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, we are looking at this with interest. Maybe with one of the others — not Fiat — but Alfa or Maserati.”

For a manufacturer so ingrained in Formula 1 history, this is a huge step — even if the team may not be badged as Ferrari — especially given recent announcements around the world of a ban on conventional fuel burning cars in the not too distant future.

The question is, which Italian marque will it be? Should it see a return for Alfa Romeo to single seater racing or is it time for Maserati to make a come back?….

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