RM Sotheby’s to host largest ever Ferrari auction

Prepare your wallets, Ferrari collectors, because RM Sotheby’s is hosting its largest Ferrari auction ever this September and there will be a near endless amount of rare, precious metal on offer.
The sale is a fitting way for RM Sotheby’s to mark Ferrari’s 70th anniversary year. It is to be the largest single-make sale in history and will take place at Ferrari’s factory in Maranello, Italy.

RM Sotheby’s says it is “the market leader in the sale of important Ferraris at auction.” The September sale will see some of the marques’s most sought after and valuable models cross the auction block, from its greatest sports and GT cars to legendary racecars and more.
RM Sotheby’s will sell a number of rare and valuable Ferraris at it’s upcoming Santa Monica auction including a Ferrari F40 and 599 GTO. If that’s what’s on offer for one of its more run-of-the-mill auctions, we can only imagine what’s in store for September.

*courtsy FCA

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