Meet the Ferrari 550 GT Racer

The Ferrari 550 was never intended to be an out and out performance car. That’s not to say it wasn’t high performance, it still wears the Ferrari badge, but like many GT cars, the 550’s appeal was all about its blend of comfort and performance.

The 550’s status as a comfortable, fast GT car meant Ferrari didn’t need to market it to performance aficionados by taking it racing. – the bankers would already flock to the dealership after seeing a magazine ad or something or that sort. That didn’t stop British motorsports and engineering firm ProDrive from converting a 550 into a GT1-spec racer, though.

ProDrive built the race-prepped 550s at the behest of French team CARE Racing. They came equipped with a 600 horsepower 6.0-liter V12 engine (as opposed to the 550’s stock 5.5-liter) mated to X-Trac transmission and GT1-spec aerodynamics. ProDrive won two races in the opening season for the car, making their car one in a number of fairly successful privately prepared 550 racecars.
One of these cars, which is now used as a track day toy, was recently filmed racing around Spa Francorchamps. Check it out in the video embedded below…



*courtesy FCA

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