Maserati MC12 too much for Nürburgring

It’s seems the Maserati MC12 can’t stay away from the news this week, yesterday we featured a rare one of that has just gone up for sale, today we are looking at one that’s making a noise round the Nurburgring

The Maserati MC12 Corsa has a lot in common with the more well-known and well-loved Ferrari FXX. Not only is the Corsa based on the Ferrari track special, it was also only sold to a select number of valued customers. But whereas 40 examples of the FXX were built, there’s just 15 MC12 Corsas on earth and only 12 of them went to consumers.

A YouTuber recently attended a track-day event at Germany’s infamous Nurburgring where an owner of one of these MC12 Corsas had shown up. He was nice enough to give him a ride around the 12.9-mile ‘Green Hell’ circuit in the car, which he filmed for us Maserati fan’s enjoyment. The only catch is that the driver couldn’t open the taps all the way – the Nurburgring has a maximum allowed exhaust volume of 95db and the MC12 Corsa is proudly in violation of it at full throttle.

Still, whether or full throttle or half throttle, the MC12 is some car, so sit back & enjoy the ride on the video below…

*courtesy FCA

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