Fiat 500 is a record breaker

Fiat has set a new world record, no it’s not for the fastest car nor the most miles on a single charge from a cow breaking wind. It is in fact for the most cars collected in 24hrs.

1495 Fiat 500 cars were collected in less than two days by the lucky winners of a competition in Italy run by the automaker and Italian supermarket chain Esselunga.

The feat has been certified by an official Guinness World Record judge as customers from all over Italy to take delivery of their Fiat 500 “Esselunga”.

The 1520 Fiat 500 city cars were lined up at the Mirafiori factory.

Based on the Lounge 1.2 trim level, it features an exclusive “Esselunga” badge on the exterior and a numbered plaque in the interior, chromed side-mirror covers and unique 14″ wheels.


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