Ferrari readies Huracan Performante rival

It’s been rumoured for a while that Ferrari is cooking up a ‘go faster’ version of its 488. Already named as the best Supercar in the world, the V8 Turbo Italian Stallion is no slouch but with rivals Lamborghini having recently unveiled the Huracan Performante and smashing the Nürburgring record in the process, little wonder word has been coming out of Maranello that the famous Italian carmaker has something up its sleeve.

That special something may have jut been spied, underneath all the gaffer tape and body cladding of this mystery test mule spotted on test, lies something rather potent. Judging by the much larger intakes it’s clearly no ordinary 488, so could it be the rumoured 488 GTO/Speciale Ferrari is supposedly cooking up?

The uploader – Automotive Mike, who shot the car in the vicinity of the Nurburgring – speculates that the car has some sort of Kers hybrid system. He might be on to something – you’d think it’d only be a matter of time before the LaFerrari’s F1-inspired Kers tech filtered down to the rest of the range, after all.

Furthermore, fellow YouTuber Marchettino spotted another test mule last year – a sort of 458/488 mish-mash – and claimed to have heard a technician say ““don’t turn on the Kers system,” off camera.
The only thing we can truly be sure of is that the end product will be monstrously fast.

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