Why we need an Italian hybrid car now

With a headline tag like that maybe this blog won’t get many views, already some people will be creating little voodoo dolls of me as I dare to suggest the demise of the combustion engine in Italian cars. Oh well, you see cars are at a crossroads and it’s all our fault, we have bought so many cars, become so dependant on them that according to scientists we are killing the world. As it happens I don’t totally buy into all this greenhouse effect stuff about how we are destroying an area the size of such and such everyday because we are driving V8’s or Diesels and it’s all down to us petrolheads, I’m not denying we might contribute, but as I drive down the motorways I see factories churning out far more than an estate full of hatchbacks, and what about cows? Much to my children’s amusement it seems every time they break wind they are damaging the ozone, so no I don’t believe the whole ‘cars kill the world we should all be riding bikes’ brigade.

However thats not to say I don’t think change is coming and is overdue, you see, a certain American carmaker has proved it’s possible to make a very nice, very comfortable, if a little too much like a Lexus (zzz’) car thats bloody quick, yes speed, they are quick, we have seen various videos on YouTube where they outperform supercars, due to that electric power being so instant so quick. Then of course they have this ‘we can drive around the world’ on one charge thing, maybe that’s true maybe it isn’t, will I find out, er no. You see as much as I respect and appreciate the technology, they don’t make me want to go and buy one, they are a bit too dull, a bit too geeky, more a Prius for the wealthy is how I would describe it.

But, this is the but…it is the way to go, diesel and petrol are such old school, it’s like turning up at Glastonbury in Victorian dress, it once was the way to go but times have changed, so the same it is for the combustion engine. This brings me to Italian cars, currently Alfa Romeo, thanks to the Giulia and Stelvio are seeing a ‘born again’ chapter, which is fantastic but the Italian carmaker better not think, job done. Neither had Maserati or indeed Fiat/Abarth. You see as good as their current range of cars are on the whole, they have no hybrid model, nothing you can plug in, in relative terms they are still mobile phone bricks while everyone is bringing out smart phones (we’re not including the 500e as you can’t buy it in the UK).

Italian carmakers need to change this, quickly, in fact now. Maybe a Giulia hybrid, more likely the replacement for the MiTo, expected within 2 years is the one, as luxury supercar makers like Ferrari have introduced Hybrid tech and Lamborghini are set to do so with the Urus, so the other Italian’s need to do the same, but time, as ever, is of the essence, if we don’t see electric powered cars from Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Abarth quickly then as good as their next models may be, they will already be left behind. It might not leave a nice taste in the mouth, the thought of an electric Alfa Romeo, but it’s time to embrace the future of motoring and do it now

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