RIP Lancia

Fiat Chrysler has taken down Lancia’s various European website domains as the automaker looks to begin selling the brand’s vehicles in Italy only.

According to Motor 1, FCA this week took down several country-specific Lancia sites. When you visit the German, French or Dutch Lancia sites now, for example, you are greeted with a message that reads:
“Thanks for your interest in Lancia. Already own a Lancia? Click here for after-sales service.”

The Italian site remains fully operational, listing deals for its only vehicle, the Ypsilon. The brand killed off its other vehicles a few years ago, such as the Chrysler 300-based Thema and Chrysler Town & Country-based Voyager, as it looked to ““reorganise the network coherently with Lancia becoming an Italy-driven brand,” FCA EMEA CEO Alfredo Altavilla said in 2014.

While Lancia was once a great brand selling extreme group B homologation specials like the Delta S4 Stradale and svelte sportscars like the Beta, it had essentially turned into a Chrysler badge-engineering brand in its later years. Two of its three models were rebadged Chrysler products and the third, the Delta, which is today the only new Lancia vehicles, is based on the Fiat 500. Typically we’d mourn the loss of such a good brand, but the true Lancia actually died long ago.
*courtesy FCA

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