Lego could make Lancia!

The users of Lego’s Lego Ideas page clearly have an affinity for cars. Just last month there was a wonderful Ferrari 512S Lego kit that was proposed through the fan-driven suggestions site, that wasn’t the first as the well-known Ferrari F40 Lego kit that you can now buy in stores has its roots on the Lego Ideas site as well.

The latest automotive-themed Lego Ideas proposal getting traction is for a Lancia Delta Group B rally car. The kit depicts the famous Delta S4 tackling the legendary Monte-Carlo Rally, which it won in 1986. The creator, AbFab74, went to greath lengths to ensure its accuracy, having custom Martini stickers made for the car’s livery and paying extra attention to detail to the car’s interior.

AbFab74 is also the creator of a Peugeot 205 Group B rally car kit that is currently gaining considerable traction on Lego Ideas. The kit has 5,299 supporters as of this writing, which is halfway to the 10,000 needed for the people over at Lego to seriously consider your kit for production approval. The Lancia kit only has about 350 backers right now, so if you want to see it in stores one day, be sure to show AbFab74 you like his work at:



*courtesy fca

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