Lamborghini Urus will produce 650bhp

Lamboeghini’s new SUV, the much anticipated Urus is set to produce 650bhp from its twin turbocharged V8 engine. This should certainly put it head and shoulders about other performance SUV’s from Range Rover and Porsche, currently to date Maserati hasn’t revealed any details of a high peromance version of its Levante.

No clear details have been forthcoming from the Italian supercar maker, the rumour mill continues to confirm a hybrid version will follow a year later, with the new Lambo’ due to be launched Autumn this year. A hybrid will be massively important to the cars success, particularly in the USA where hybrids continue to grow in sales.

Whether the Urus will be built on its own platform or ‘borrowed’ from the VW Group, who already produce the successful, if not tractor like Touareg, is unknown, certainly the VW group has plenty experience of 4×4, none more so than it’s Audi brand with the Quattro, however Lamborghini will no doubt want to distance itself from any talk of sharing with VW.

This of course isn’t Lamborghini’s first 4×4, back in the 80’s the Italian carmaker produced the LM002, which proved popular none more so than with Hollywoods action stars of the time, before that Lamborghini built the LM001, although this was little more than a concept with only a few built, likewise its 4×4 before that was the Cheetah, a project the Italian carmaker hoped to sell to the US armed forces at the time, however the deal never came off,  having seen the Cheetah you can see where the inspiration for the Hummer came from, check out Lamborghini’s original 4×4, the Cheetah in the video below.





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