LaFerrari replacement due in 3-5yrs

In the year that Ferrari celebrates its 70th birthday it seems the Italian carmaker is in no rush to replace the LaFerrari. Despite some of its competitors pushing ahead with their Supercars, not least its Formula One rival Mercedes-AMG, who continue to work on its Project One hypercar ahead of its debut later this year, Ferrari is looking at building a successor to the LaFerrari but not just yet – Autocar has reported that Maranello’s own mega-powerful flagship is set three to five years away.

That proclamation comes from the company’s chief technology officer Michael Leiters, who said that development of Ferrari’s next hypercar will begin once it has updated its road car and research and development strategy for the medium term. “When we define our new roadmap of technology and innovation, we will then consider a replacement for LaFerrari,” he said.

However, unlike its Formula One rival, Ferrari won’t be building an F1 racer on the road, giving the F50 – which also derived much of its technology from the sport, with an enlarged version of a race V12 bolted directly to the chassis – as an example of a route it won’t follow.

“We want to do something different. It won’t be a road car with a Formula One engine because, to be realistic, it would need to idle at 2,500 to 3,000 rpm and rev to 16,000 rpm,” Leiters said. “The F50 used an F1 engine, but it needed to be changed a lot.”

As such, don’t expect the next Ferrari hypercar to stray very far from the recipe of the LaFerrari, which uses an 800 hp/700 Nm 6.3 litre naturally-aspirated V12 mated to a 163 hp electric motor that forms the Hybrid Kinetic Energy Recovery System (HY-KERS), resulting in a total system output of 963 hp and over 900 Nm. Of course, its successor will almost certainly have more power.

“The roadmap will be finished in about six months,” Leiters added. “So my guess is that we could be three to five years away from a new limited-edition hypercar. Part of the plan is to ensure that the technology used in the next hypercar can be cascaded through the rest of the range.”

*courtesy paultan

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