Drive with Matt Farah in a 67′ Alfa Romeo DuettoMatt Fara

Matt Farah has made a name for himself mainly though his online series ‘The Smoking Tires’ however the petrolhead recently said he isn’t a fan of classic cars, in fact his online series is usually filled with the latest supercars, very rarely anything classic gets a look in.

To try and balance things out a little, Petrolicious founder Ashfin Behnia, who owns countless Alfa Romeos, joined him with his 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto bringing it up to the mountains of Los Angeles to film a review.

Farrah admittedly knows very little about Alfa Romeos, so this video is an rare learning experience for car-obsessed Farrah. Behnia is an Alfa expert through and through, so he’s definitely in good company if he wants to learn more about the famous Italian carmaker.

Watch and listen as Farrah and Behnia talk all things Alfa Romeo and drive the well regarded Duetto in the video below…



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