Abarth shows it’s racing stripes

Fiat seems to be struggling in the United States or at least according to the car guru’s across the pond, in fact some are even stating Fiat might pull out of the American market, personally we can’t see it, yes it’s a competitive market but it Fiat arguably offers some pretty nice, affordable cars that we think are good enough to keep the Italian carmaker vibrant in the USA.

Almost to back up out thoughts here at Enzari, Abarth – sorry Fiat Abarth as it’s known in the US, have launched a new commercial for the Abarth 124 Spider.

It’s a car we like a lot, not surprising as it’s sister car the Fiat 124 Spider is a fun Roadster and with the Abarth treatment it just gives it that extra injection of adrenaline to make it brilliant to fun to drive.

In its latest advert along with unique powertrains, Fiat gives the spicier Abarth 124 the human touch with a hand-painted racing stripe. Abarth calls it a performance stripe, though it’s more like the entire hood. The stripe then traces its way to the back of the car.

The portion is taped off and sprayed by hand on the raciest of Abarths. No matter what colour, it’s always finished in a matte black hue for proper contrast and some legitimate anti-glare capability. Have a look at how it happens in the video.
And where may the racing stripe look even better? Why, on a potential Abarth 124 Coupe of course. The rumour mill has it on good authority a coupe variant of the 124 is in the works. Sounds like a Fantastico idea!

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