Police teach lessons with ex mafia Ferrari

It’s a warning to speeders, law breakers & bad guys of Milan that they better watch out, because the city’s police have acquired a new 570-horsepower pursuit weapon. Not to be outdone by their Lambo-driving comrades in the Italian highway patrol, Milan’s police fleet now features a Ferrari 458 Spider. Specifically, a Ferrari 458 Spider once belonging to the Mafia.

Although this particular Ferrari is unlikely to be used in any high speed pursuits as the Police in Italy are using this confiscated supercar to teach a lesson to children that crime does not pay.

Milan police seized the Ferrari 458 Spider in September 2015 under anti-Mafia laws. The vehicle was recently outfitted with official paint and flashing lights and will be used for education projects.

“In some special events this car will be used to make (children) understand that crime does not pay.” police Cmdr. Antonio Barbato told La Stampa. “The state recovers the assets of those who got them with criminal activities.”

Police in Milan have 29 Ferrari sports cars that they have confiscated through anti-organized crime laws.


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