New Italian Supercar on the way

There’s no shortage of exotic brands looking to deliver the ultimate driving machine, and here’s a teaser for an upcoming new one – the Calafiore C10 will be here pretty soon boasting 1,000 horsepower.

We usually don’t give much credit to up and coming companies – given that the likes of Ferrari, Pagani or Lamborghini already represent household names in the field. But since we’re dealing with Italy – the home of such wonderful Supercars, some credit is awarded beforehand. The new player in the field has been named “Calafiore Cars” and his elite member will be the C10, seen here in teaser form. The new hypercar comes from Vicenza and has been designed by Sicilian artist Luigi Calafiore. It appears the C10 started coming together no less than seven years ago and now time has finally come for the production debut.

The machine will be clad in a carbon fibre chassis, but the high-performance model also has titanium and gold in its construction and we might even be for some open-sun driving if we interpret right one of the teaser images. The heart and soul is a great biturbo V10 engine capable of showcasing 1,000 hp (745 kW) – but so far there are no performance details about this lightweight machine. Calafiore will present the car at the Top Marques Monaco 2017 event on April 20.



*courtesy inautonews

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