Maserati of the future?

In the golden age of the 1950s and 60s, automakers and designers were often fixated on imagining what cars of the future would look like. Many flew, some were solar-powered and none resemble the vehicles of the 21st century.

So, even though it is impossible to accurately depict what a high-performance GT might look like in the year 2049, Behance designer Francesco Gastaldi has decided to do it nevertheless with the Maserati Hommage.

Unlike many current vehicles which favor straight lines and sharp edges over flowing body panels, Castaldi’s Maserati Hommage has a gorgeous, curvy design made all the more impressive by the single sheet of glass which acts as the windscreen, roof and rear window.

Besides Maserati’s customary side vents, the Hommage doesn’t really resemble any current car from the Italian marque but even still, its exterior has us hopeful that beautiful cars will continue to hit the streets in the coming decades, even if ever-strict regulations limit artistic freedoms.

*courtesy carscoops

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