Maserati expects SUV sales to grow

Maserati brand boss Reid Bigland says the Italian automaker is welcoming the shift in consumer interest from passenger cars to SUVs and believes SUV sales will soon outpace those of sedans, hatchbacks and other passenger vehicles.
Speaking to Bloomberg, Bigland said SUV sales are “rapidly” on pace to outsell passenger cars, which makes the addition of the Levante to its lineup crucial. The Levante has proven to be a popular product thus far and could signal the arrival of more SUVs from Maserati as the brand embraces the popularity of crossovers and SUVs and responds to increased competition in the segment.
“The key to this business is delivering what consumers want to buy,” Bigland said. “And what consumers want to buy is SUVs.”
It’s important for Maserati to deliver a product that’s a Maserati first and an SUV second, Bigland explained. The Levante is a true Maserati with its available Ferrari-derived twin-turbocharged V6 engine and sporty ride, but retains the usability, appearance and some of the characteristics of a more typical SUV. This would likely be the case for any SUV Maserati introduces, and after the positive response to the Levante from consumers and the media, we’re willing to bet the brand is already looking at the possibility of expanding its SUV portfolio.

*courtesy FCA

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