‘Hole-y Fiat

Fiat Chrysler will outline one of the ways it strips excess weight from its vehicles at the upcoming Society of Automotive Engineers Leadership Summit, WCX 2017.

FCA engineers have developed algorithms that allow them to easily determine the optimal size, shape and location for “lightening holes.” The holes are drilled into a vehicle’s frame to help strip as much weight from it as possible and can reduce its overall weight by up to 5 percent.
“FCA US is committed to designing and producing lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles that still meet the demands of our customers,” said head of product development at FCA, Phil Jansen.
“Such progress bodes well for our ongoing investigation of strategic material placement,” he added.

FCA says its algorithms can be applied to any vehicle component for the purpose of lightening. The automaker will share its algorithms at the upcoming WCX 2017, which it believes will be key to helping it and other automakers meet strict fuel economy standards going forward
“Such exchange is vital to the industry’s continuing mission of developing vehicles that deliver greater and greater efficiency,” said FCA  powertrain co-ordination boss, Bob Lee. “FCA is proud to support SAE in this ongoing endeavor.”

FCA will present its findings today.

*courtesy FCA

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