Giulia Quadrifoglio works its magic

Ever since Alfa Romeo debuted the Giulia Quadrifoglio, it has been constantly compared with just about every performance car out there, none more so than its obvious rival, the BMW M3. Recently we’ve seen BBC’s Top Gear with Chris Harris at the wheel, not only staying with but finding it’s way past it’s German rival on track.

In this latest video review from Carwow, they get the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio lined up with the BMW M3 Competition Package and the Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe for a drag race first, which is simple enough. All three cars are lined up and do a standing quarter-mile race.

For those who like their facts & figures, a bit of info on each car first. The Alfa packs a 503 hp 2.9 liter twin-turbo V6 and has an eight-speed automatic driving the rear wheels. The BMW M3 Competition Packagehas a twin-turbocharged 3.0 liter I6 engine making 444 hp and sends power to the rears through a seven-speed dual-clutch. The AMG C63 S has a 502 hp twin-turbo V8 sending power through as seven-speed dual-clutch to the rear wheels as well.

The Alfa obliterates the other two cars, which was expected as it has the best power-to-weight ratio of the bunch. The BMW M3 Competition Package comes in second place, despite having the least amount of power. This leaves the heavy AMG in last place. It just goes to show, a diet can make a bit difference.

So start your week off with a treat, as the Quadrifoglio works its magic

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