Ferrari drifts into Moscow shopping centre

CCTV captured a reckless Russian driver who apparently decided that the best place to show off his new supercar and amazing drifting skills is right inside a shopping mall in downtown Moscow.

The video compilation shows a Ferrari sweeping through the empty hallways of the Vesna shopping mall located in central Moscow late Sunday and overnight into Monday, April, 10.

Luckily, due to the late hours, there were almost no people inside the shopping center and only a couple of seemingly unarmed and surprised security officers trying to block the driver’s way.

The Ferrari stormed into the building through a loading platform ten minutes before the mall was supposed to close, a security officer said.

At first, the car is seen weaving in and out of columns and then it breaks into an open space to perform a circle drift. The stunt left black brake tracks on the floor.
It took 15 minutes to put an end to the crazy drive, Vesna’s marketing director told RT.

At some point, one of the security guards is seen falling down, however, the marketing director noted, that there were no injuries.

According to Russian media reports, the speedy with the Ferrari was the ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk Alkesandr Donskoy. The identity was confirmed to RT by the Vesna representative.

Commenting on the incident, Donskoy said this wasn’t an act of hooliganism, but rather a kind of art performance, according to Ren-TV.

We think maybe someone’s been playing too many video racing games?!


*courtesy RT

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