EnZari; Our very first Meet & Greet

On a bright and beautiful Sunday morning in the heart of Lancashire in the North West of England, there was a gathering of friends, bringing with them their wheels of steel (or carbon fibre in some cases!) all with a common cause, a love, a passion for Italian cars, welcome to the very first EnZari Meet & Greet.

You know it’s going to be a good day when the day begins in style, this was the case when our friend Nathan from Bowkers Maserati turned up in a Ghibli, the rumble of the Italian 3.0 V6 petrol engine under the bonnet was enough to let the neighbours know something special was occurring. The Ghibli is a beautiful car, but it wasn’t just modern cars that would be turning up today.

When you think of classic Italian cars, few have captured the imagination quite like the Lancia Integrale Delta HF, a classic from not too long ago, every car Meet, every car show hopes one will make an appearance, so when a pristine white example turns up its no wonder the onlookers are smiling as much as it’s driver. Chatting to Ian later who informs me this is the second Lancia he’s owned, it’s a beautiful example of a legendary car.

And so the cars continue to arrive, all pristine, a stunning Abarth 595 convertible, certainly perfect weather for the roof down today, equally when a little red number turned up, it seems the Abarth crowd has heard about EnZari, Fantastico!








Alfa Romeo’s made their appearance too, including a 166, David Swainson brought down from ‘up North in Carlisle, his usual Italian preference is his ‘custard’ yellow Fiat Coupe (next time David?) but he’d bought a 166 only 3 weeks ago and couldn’t resist the temptation to throw the family in and take the drive down, although I’m sure the promise of a pub lunch might have helped him seal the deal with the family!

Every Meet has its star, the car that everyone wants, our very first Meet & greet was no exception, having only heard about our meet at 8.30 that morning on social media, a very special car & its proud owner enjoyed the drive out to come & say hi, so when Mike arrived in his Ferrari 458 Speciale, it grabbed the attention, a stunning addition to the Italian cars gathered on this sunny day.

My friend Ste also joined us in his Fiat Stilo station wagon, it’s not a classic (although he might be hoping it is one day?!) neither does it have a V8 under the bonnet, it’s his everyday car, a car he has a love hate relationship with but Ste gets the whole Italian car passion thing, and couldn’t resist turning up, this to me is brilliant, as that is what EnZari is all about, it doesn’t matter which brand is your passion, it doesn’t matter if you don’t own an Italian car but if you love them, if you get the passion, that’s what it’s all about..we’ll see you at the next one!

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