Brand new Aston Martin DB11 crashes into little Fiat 500

A 15-day-old Aston Martin DB11 has been wrecked in a crash in Mexico.
The car – reportedly the most expensive vehicle that can be bought in Mexico – collided into a Fiat 500 at an intersection in Pilcaya in the Benito Juarez region.

Authorities claim the driver of the DB11 was speeding and failed to stop at the intersection.

A local news outlet had reported the town’s mayor was the driver but he has refuted the claims, saying: “If they prove to me that I was driving the vehicle or that it is my property or some personal property, I resign.”

The collision appears to have caused significant damage to the luxury sports car – which costs NZ343,425 in Mexico – with the front right wheel ripped off. The Fiat also has damage to its right side but appears to have come off better than the Aston Martin.

*courtesy Stuff.nz

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