‘The Pagani? It’s my car honest!’

When you drop your car off at the valet, you expect to come back with the ticket and have the car brought to you. What you don’t expect is the valet driver doubting your ownership of the car in question. Well, this is what happened to the owner of the Pagani Huayra Carbon Edition in Monaco.

YouTube channel Supercarsfromeu was on vacation in Cannes and Monaco when he stumbled upon the hypercar. Apparently, the valet didn’t believe that the owner of the car was the actual owner. Trying to reclaim the V12-powered beast took longer than expected, and the owner can be seen making a phone call and handing over the device to the valet, who can be heard saying stuff like ‘it’s an expensive car’ and ‘passport’, demanding to see some papers.

Eventually, the matter was resolved and the Huayra was started with a thunderous exhaust note.

You can see the whole ordeal below and hear the fantastic sound of the Pagani Huayra.

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