Next Gen Fiat 500 goes hybrid

The Fiat 500 celebrates its 11th anniversary in 2017 and needs to be renewed to stay competitive in its market sector.

With regard to the motorization of the future generation Fiat feels it must abandon the diesel engine Multijet 1.3 litre in favor of a hybrid system of 48V, according to the international press. The change happens to reduce CO2 emissions. It is not known in which market the engine will keep the petrol engines.

“We will have to play with a variety of solutions. There are few things that are right in this market, other than the certainty that small diesel engines are dead,” Sergio Marchionne, FCA president, told a British publication.

The 48-volt systems are seen as the right approach, from a cost-effective point of view, as adding full hybrids into a car such as the Fiat 500 could kill it.

“We still make a very large number of small cars like the Panda and Fiat 500. Putting full hybrids into a car in that segment is going to kill you. We need to find other solutions, and that’s why I think we need to embrace 48-volt systems in a more realistic way”, Marchionne added.

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