Ferrari caught in the snow

Dino or hybrid? That’s what we are looking at here. Spy shooters snapped this prototype during winter testing in Sweden, sparking speculation the long-hoped for Dino could return. Although this test mule is wearing the body of a Ferrari 458, large revised air intakes on the sides of the car along with a different exhaust setup suggest that this isn’t the big V8 normally found in that car. Witnesses said the mule didn’t sound like it had a V8, suggesting the 2.9-liter V6 turbo developed by Ferrari for the Alfa Romeo Giulia was instead providing power.

Fiat Chrysler chief Sergio Marchionne said back in 2015: “It’s a when not an if. We know that a Dino is an under-used resource, but that’s why we need to get it right.” He also suggested a 500-hp V6 would be the right fit for a new Dino. That Alfa engine makes 505bhp in the Giulia’s Quadrifoglio trim.

Despite rumours of it being a new Dino, certain sources also claim this could be Ferrari’s next hybrid model, following on from the technology first seen in the LaFerrari, as the entry level Ferrari, a hybrid would help keep the Italian carmaker at the front of the pack in the competitive super car market.

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