Can the Stelvio be sporty and SUV?

The new Alfa Romeo Stelvio, we haven’t road tested it ourselves yet, why? Well because at Enzari we prefer to road test the car for more than just the hour or so manufacturers allow most journalists to have them for, we prefer to spend a few days with them, maybe take them away for the weekend. To us, an Italian car is more than just a one night stand, but don’t worry our road test will be coming soon.

For those who can’t wait maybe this will wet your appetite a little, YouTube’s Carfection recently ventured into the Italian Alps for an event hosted by Alfa Romeo that allowed journalists and members of the media to sample the new Stelvio in snowy and paved on-road conditions – yes just for an hour or so! However drivers did yet the Stelvio in both an cold weather scenario and on a curvy mountain pass, giving them a good idea of the crossover’s range of capabilities.

So hear’s what Carfection thought of the all-new Stelvio in the video…

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