Alfa Romeo Giulia outstrips BMW i8

We didn’t think it would take long until videos started emerging on YouTube of Alfa Romeo’s Giulia Quadrifoglio tearing down drag strips somewhere. This particular Quadrifoglio we’re looking at is one of the first in America.

The half-mile event saw the Giulia Quadrifoglio engaging in several runs. It all kicked off with a solo run, as the guy behind the wheel wanted to go for a calibration session.

Once the said phase was covered, the Giulia Q took on the BMW i8.

On paper, the Giulia Quadrifoglio should easily trample the BMW i8, since the Italian comes with 3.5 kg per hp, while the gas-electric machine packs 4.5 kg/hp. However, with the German sportscar making use of its all-wheel-drive and instant electric torque advantages, the i8 can tie the Alfa in the quarter-mile. It’s worth mentioning that both go-fast tools have been recorded delivering 12.1-second runs in the 1,320-feet challenge.

It’s a close run thing towards the end, watch the clip to see if Alfa’s performance saloon can beat BMW’s hybrid sports car.

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