Performante is new ‘go faster’ Lamborghini

A new ‘go faster’ Lamborghini is always pretty special, the Italian supercar is famed for producing wild, edge of your seat cars and following in the footsteps of the high-performance Gallardos like the Superleggera, the new soon to be launched Performante will continue the trend.

That means most likely a boost in power, more rigidity, less weight and more aerodynamic tricks to make the car more slippery through the air. While we’ve seen plenty of spy shots at this stage, we’ve got something a bit better.

The folks at Sport Auto had the chance to go for a ride along in the prototype. From what I can see, the interior features a large, TFT display a la the standard Huracan but these are race-spec gauges. In addition there’s an assload of Alcantara sweeping across the interior. Oh, and quite a bit of Lamborghini’s proprietary carbon fiber known as forged composite.

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