Grandma tames raging bull

Some say supercars aren’t quite the same as they used to be, it used to be that when you drove a Supercar you really where taking your life in your own hands, those classic Supercars where pretty unforgiving, one corner taken too quick and you where history. That’s not to say today’s Supercars couldn’t inflict the same kind of unhappy ending, just that with all modern technology onboard they are a lot more forgiving, making adjustments all over to ensure you stay on the black stuff and not halfway up a tree

As if to prove the point a YouTuber handed over the keys to a Lamborghini Gallardo to his Grandma, yes one of those older generation we see pottering around in Honda Jazz’s, not very often seen behind the wheel of a Supercar that’s for sure. It seems the Italian raging bull was indeed less of a bull more of a pussy cat for this particular Grandma who was noticeably impressed.

Pulling up to her house in the Italian supercar with a definite aim in mind – having his grandma drive the supercar, the YouTuber didn’t know what to expect. However, her response was invaluable, as she wanted to take it out for a short ride right away.

With her seat adjusted and receiving some tips from her grandson, she eventually drove off, but not before saying: ‘Who says that grandmothers can’t have any fun?’

The adventure is to be repeated, but with another vehicle next time, and with many supercars to choose from, the YouTuber has asked his fans what should the next vehicle of preference be.

Now watch the video grandma takes the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder for a spin through her neighbourhood.




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