Former Boxing Champions Ferrari could be a knockout

Former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson could certainly deliver a knockout blow so its small wonder he picked his cars that could do the same.

In this case it’s one of the 50 Ferrari F50 supercars that arrived in the USA. Only 349 of these cars were ever made by the Italian carmaker. This Ferrari owned by the former bad boy of boxing is now up for auction at RM Sotheby’s. A gallery of images has surfaced online with this particular F50.

Mike Tyson’s Ferrari F50 has run for a total of 5,694 miles and is still in pristine condition. The only upgrade that its previous owner has made is to add an aftermarket Tubi exhaust. Ferrari Classiche certification attesting to 4.7-litre V12 powered originality will also be handed over to the one who places the winning bid.

Scheduled to go to auction in Amelia Island next month, the supercar is expected to bring in close to £1-1.5 million, making this a very prized possession for the lucky owners when he delivers the knockout bid.



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