Fiat Tipo is a globe trotter

Automotive journalist Okan Altan has completed a 41,000 kilometre  journey in a standard Fiat Tipo, traveling a distance equivalent to the circumference of the equator in just 133 days.

Altan set off on the journey from Bursa, Turkey where the Tipo is built before heading to Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. He then entered Russia where he drove 11 hours a day for eight days straight, following the world-famous Trans-Siberian railway along his journey.

After traversing the Russian countryside, Altan and the Tipo shipped off to Japan and drove to Yokohama before the pair flew to Mexico. Unfortunately, problems with his travel documents prevented him from entering Mexico for 11 days, making for the sole snag on the near five-month long trip.

Once he had travelled across Mexico, Altan embarked on a 40-day boat trip across the ocean from Mexico to the UK. From there, he drove across 14 different European countries, including The Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy before returning to the site of the trip’s start in Bursa.

The point of Altan’s trip was to emphasize the value of the Tipo. Altan drove for nearly five months and saw more of the earth than the majority of the population ever will in a car that cost just £12k in base form. As Fiat’s slogan goes: “You don’t need much to get a lot”.


*courtesy of FCA

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