Alfa SUV more to come

When news that Alfa Romeo had decided to axe the Giulia SportWagon many people where a little dismayed, its true that in line with the Italian carmakers thinking, an estate version of the Giulia may have affected sales of the new upcoming SUV, the Stelvio, however it seems Alfa Romeo’s decision is based on more than just the one SUV.

With the Giulia SportsWagon all but disappeared from Alfa Romeo’s product plans, Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne has now announced that Alfa Romeo will soon have two more SUV’s in its product range.

Marchionne, speaking at FCA’s Balocco test track in Italy with the brand’s Instagram followers, said: “Two Alfa Romeo models will be added, positioned one below and one above the Stelvio,” the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera reported Feb. 12.

The Stelvio shares the Giulia’s Giorgio platform and was unveiled in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It is expected in U.S. dealerships in the second quarter.

Like all Alfa Romeos, the two new crossovers will be built in Italy. Marchionne said in the same interview that one would be made near Turin in “late 2018 — early 2019.”

It had long been rumoured that the MiTo would be replaced by a ‘Nissan Juke’ size crossover, in a market that is steadily growing the Italian marque cannot ignore what could be a very good move to help strengthen the brand. Whether we will see a larger SUV to the Stelvio remains to be seen as previously Marchionne has stated that there would be no ‘cannibalism’ between brands, such as Alfa Romeo and Maserati and as the triton badged Italian brand has the Levante it’s difficult to see how a larger SUV to the Stelvio from Alfa Romeo wouldn’t pinch sales from Maseratis Levante.

Certainly these are busy times from Alfa, following on from the Stelvio is rumoured to be its ‘5 series’ size saloon, spiritual successor to the 166, after that we may see the MiTo indeed replaced by a smaller SUV, not forgetting the current 4C also set for replacement before the end of the decade.

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