Alfa Romeo smashes Super Bowl

Alfa Romeo let American consumers know it has returned to the United States in a big way last night when it showed off its new Giulia in three separate commercials during FOX’s telecast of Super Bowl LI.

The first spot to air, entitled ‘Riding Dragons’, which we posted yesterday on our Facebook page, focused on Alfa’s rebirth in recent years, but the second spot (which is our personal favorite) focuses on Alfa’s rivals in the luxury segment.

This ad, dubbed ‘Dear Predictable’ is essentially a BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz owners’ goodbye letter to their car. The voiceover is handled by a female who goes on about the excitement and passion her new interest provides her and how dull her former predictable affair seems in comparison. Alfa’s message, of course, is the compact luxury cars built by the Germans are the “predictable” choices, whereas its new Alfa Romeo Giulia is the more original and exciting option, naturally we couldn’t agree more!

After the ads ran, there was an 802 percent increase in internet traffic for the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Among all automakers that advertised during the Super Bowl broadcast, Alfa Romeo showed the greatest cumulative internet traffic lift.


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