Secret Lamborghini on the way?

Yesterday we reported how a mysterious V12 Ferrari maybe on the way and with the recent of surprise unveiling of the J50 from the prancing horse it seems despite social media, YouTubers and various other ways of leaking the next supercar sometimes the manufacturer  can keep its next reveal secret.

However according to Jalopnik, a recent Forza Horizon 3 update might have accidentally released an unencrypted version of the game, which included a list of all the cars currently available to players. However, the list also features a Lamborghini that’s not known to exist as of January 2017. Alongside the iconic Countach, Diablo, and Miura, as well as newer models such as the Huracan and Aventator, there’s a Lamborghini Bellissima, nameplate that the Italian brand hasn’t used on any sports car. What’s more, the list also includes the year each model is from, and the Bellissima is listed as a 2017 car.

Is it a new Lambo that will be unveiled sometime this year? It sure seems so, but there’s absolutely no information about it. There’s the possibility that it’s also a Lambo we already know but listed under a different name in the game, but this doesn’t explain the 2017 model year at the end of the file name. The name, which is Italian for “gorgeous,” doesn’t provide too many hints either, but it could also be a special-edition or maybe a unique car based on an existing Lambo rather than a brand-new supercar.

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