Mystery Ferrari V12 on the way?

There’s a new special Ferrari that’s getting ready to set the world abuzz with high-revving fervor. This won’t be a V-8 buzz mind you, and it probably won’t be the sort of buzz that breathes through a pair of turbochargers. This is the sort of buzz that only twelve cylinders can create, especially when they’re packaged in a vehicle that looks to be about the size and shape of the Ferrari 458 or 488 GTB.

According to our friends at Motor1, the mystery Ferrari popped up on the automotive radar after some teasing images were posted by an Instagram user that goes by the handle Gregb.23. The photos show the car covered as it’s apparently ready to be shown to what we assume is a gathering of well-heeled Ferrari owners or possibly just to the lucky few who could grab what will be a limited-run machine.

The images on Instagram also tease that it’s not a V-8, and that’s shown in the bottom photo. There’s a V-12 engine sitting out over the back end of the car, and that means this little beasty will be decidedly high end, even for Ferrari.


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