Lamborghini wants F1 but not yet

Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali wants to see the raging bull in F1. But he says the formula needs to change before his brand can get there.
In a frank interview at this weeks Aventador S launch, the Italian executive said he would love to see Lamborghini compete in F1 but conceded it is a long-term goal at best.

The former Ferrari F1 supremo and now Lamborghini boss told motoring.com.au: “You’re touching a very sensitive part of my heart but I want to be very open with you. Today, we have other priorities, and we have to be totally focussed on those but Tomorrow? Because motorsport will always be part of Lamborghini, if the Formula 1 motorsport platform will change and we have the solidity as a company the answer is why not? It could be.”

Having worked for Ferrari for 20 years, the affable 51-year-old cautioned that it wouldn’t happen “in the medium term” as there were “other priorities for us that are vital.”

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